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  • February 16Boys Basketball is undefeated as they go into Regional tournament play
  • January 11Congratulations to Quinton Morton-Robertson on scoring his 1,000 point in Boys Basketball
Elliot Van Noy
Elliot Van Noy is only stopping by Radford High School on her journey through the universe. In her past lives, she was a Femme Fatale in the 1930s, Cleopatra's pet cat, a little Serbian stable boy, and probably a barnacle on a whale. Elliot Van Noy's soulmate died on July 3rd, 1971, in Paris, France (it was Jim Morrison), and her replacement soulmate, David Bowie, just recently died, so of course Elliot has been listening to his albums on repeat. If you ask her nicely enough, she might just let you take a ride in her 2006 silver Honda, that she's named Linda, after Linda from Bob's Burgers of course, where she only listens to CDs because the car doesn't have an aux port. She may also tell you more about The Breakfast Club, feminism, Led Zeppelin, and socially corrupt organizations, four of her favorite topics.

Elliot Van Noy , Editor

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