Humans of RHS

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August 19, 2016

Humans of RHS

 How many of us recognize the name Humans of New York? Maybe you have seen these books in the library or been familiarized on one of the many social media pages available. The name is bound to have popped up under your magnifying glass on Instagram at least once or twice, especially considering the certified page has a total of 5.8 million followers.

  Humans of New York is a blog that was created in 2010 by photographer Brandon Stanton, with the goal of highlighting New York’s diversity, and to create a window of understanding amongst one another. This year, the Radford High School Acorn will be doing a spin on Humans of NY, and naturally, we have chosen to call it Humans of RHS.

 Each week, we will be randomly selecting two students or teachers from Radford High School to have their picture and a short bio/story featured on our website, as well as our Instagram page and snapchat. Two of these individuals will be randomly selected and featured in The Acorn as well. The purpose of this new addition is not only to help us get to know each other, but to also gain a better understanding for the people we so mindlessly saunter past in the hallways. Each human at Radford High School has their own story and characteristics that make them uniquely who they are, and this is an eye opening opportunity to broaden the horizons of our high school relationships.


“There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story.” -Mary Lou Kownacki

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