Drama goes to states


Picture provided by Drama booster parent

Drama team

Devin C. Cranwell, Writer

On Sunday, December 3, 2017, the drama team left for a two and a half hour journey to Charlottesville for states. The state competition was on Monday, December 4. People said the feeling around them was one of excitement and nerves. This was a big trip for the whole drama team because it had been 6 years since they went to states.


When they arrived, the students were introduced to the downtown of Charlottesville. When they were down town they went to many shops, as well as a notable store called The Nook. They even got to go swimming at the hotel. They stayed at the English Inn.


On Monday, December 4, it was the big day. The team left the hotel around 9:20 A.M. to watch the 1A teams. They then left to get lunch at Panera. At 4:25 P.M. they took the stage. The play they performed was called “The Laramie Project.” The Laramie Project was a play about a boy who was beaten and persecuted by two members of his community due to him being homosexual. Mr. Worley and Mrs.Tapp-Crane said they looked at the kids on the team to see what play would speak to them. When preparing for the play they worked with the Sexality And Gender Aacceptance club or SAGA.They watched the Matthew Shepard documentary, and this helped them have a better understanding of the gravity of the play. They gave a great performance and placed third in states for 2A schools.