Winter Sports Preview

RHS Varsity Boys Basketball Team

Trinity Adams

Boys Basketball

Coach Cormany says that Bobcat Boys Basketball has made a big reputation with back-to-back state championships, but he isn’t going to let that affect this season. Coach said that winning a state championship is nice and he enjoys the win but it’s just something that people like to talk about. Cormany also said that winning a state championship isn’t something that defines a team because there were many years that they were not state champions but still had a very successful year. Cormany says that in order to prepare the team for this year they simply need to be better, and they will get better by practicing and playing bigger schools. He said that this year is going to be big for many other teams with many returning players, but the Bobcats are ready for the season. There are many reasons that Cormany loves coaching but some of the most important things to him are teamwork and team togetherness.


Girls Basketball

Last year girls basketball made it to the Conference Semifinals, but they are ready to take it one step further. Coach Conner says that in order to prepare the girls this year they will have to create more game like experiences in practice and work on improving individual skills. A typical practice consist of 20 minutes of shooting, 30 minutes individual defense drills, various offenses, and 5 on 5 play with game like situations. Although coaching can be tough, Conner said that practice and game time are the best parts of his day. He said the best part about coaching is working with the girls and watching them grow individually and as a team.



If you’ve ever been to a swim meet you’d know that it’s something that has you on the edge of your seat until the very last second. A swim meet is something where swimmers can race down to the last hundredth of a second. Coach Heather Rowland has coached the RHS swim team for the past 12 years and has high expectations for the season. Rowland expects to have a solid team for their competition in the District and Regional titles and expects to have a good showing in the 1A/2A State meet in February. The swim team has five senior leaders this year: Chet Kleppin, Logan Graham, McKenzie Pappas, Abbey Vinson, and Natalie Buckland. Rowland says she is grateful to have the opportunity to work with athletes from Radford High School who have helped make a name for the school in the swimming community.



As Coach Hudson said, “Wrestling is a tough sport; you get out what you put in.” Hudson has been coaching for 5 years and said that coaching to him is a satisfaction and there is no better feeling when you see your wrestlers perform a move they have practiced multiple times.  Coach Hudson’s plan for the team is to get better with each tournament and learn from their mistakes. Coach would also like to take at least 8 wrestlers to the state tournament in February. Hudson has some big expectations for the wrestlers: working hard, being dedicated, showing sportsmanship, and being good role models off the mat. He also said that in order to get better the wrestlers have to raise the bar and push the pace in practices.


Indoor Track

If you ask Coach Carrow, a typical indoor track meet is a madhouse. Carrow said you start the day off with 4 x 800 race, followed by the sprinting events, and finished with the rest of the events. Although the running events are happening, the jumping and throwing events are going on at the same time. The indoor track team has two more regular season meets, followed by the Region and State meet in February. Carrow says he hope to at least finish in the top 10. In order to make his runners better Carrow plans on giving them specialized workouts that will help them get faster in their best suited events. This year the team has 6 seniors but Carrow mentioned Miranda McGrady and Josh Downing as big leaders because they often help him get practices going.


RHS has a strong history in athletic championships as demonstrated by claiming the 2017 Wells Fargo Cup in athletic last year. These teams are prepared to continue that tradition as they face this year’s opponents. RHS wishes all winter sports the best of luck throughout their seasons! Go Bobcats!