Taking on Freshman Year: Abby Barnes

Who is Abby Barnes? Abby is a freshman here at RHS and is on the Cross Country team and the Forensics team. As a freshman Abby is new to RHS and how the school works. She expected her first year here to be difficult and she knew that she would have to work hard to keep the grades she wanted. Although freshman year is difficult she also said there is more freedom in the high school and people seem to trust you more. Abby said she did not expect to get used to the schedule as fast as she did but managed to adjust to it within the first two weeks. So far Abby is happy with her experience at RHS and is excited for what is to come.  


One way to adjust to high school is by joining in extracurricular activities. Abby decided to join Cross Country and Forensics. She chose to do Cross Country because of her love of running and to have a fun time with her other friends who do Cross Country. Abby said that forensics seemed like a good way to practice public speaking and seems like it is going to be a fun season. She also said that both activities challenge her to do her best throughout the season. If Abby could give one piece of advice to the middle schoolers it would be to get in a study habit and learn how to use time wisely.  


In the future Abby hopes to become a surgeon. She also wants to win states in Cross Country and would love live in New York. Abby Barnes is a hard-working student who is enjoying her freshman year here at RHS.