Parking Change to RHS


Newly assigned parking spaces week 3 of school

Trinity Adams

Students have always loved having the privilege of parking where they want to at school. Suddenly, here at RHS, there’s been a change to the parking conditions. There is now assigned parking. There have been many different opinions voiced out throughout the school. For example, before parking spots were assigned Ali Moody, senior, gave her opinion. She said, “It’s not fair to the seniors who waited to be able to park in the senior lot but now they won’t be able to park there because it’s a random draw.” Madison Page, junior, said, “It’s not fair how seniors are going to be taking part of the junior lot when they have an actual senior lot.”


Mr. Freeman too gave his input on why we now have assigned parking. He gave us information on why the staff decided to convert to assigned parking spaces. According to Mr. Freeman last year’s seniors started to complain over about juniors parking in senior spots. They said that they thought assigned parking would be a good idea in order to prevent this. Assigned parking is also an effort to prevent fender benders, door dings, illegal parking, and complaints.


There have been many questions going around in terms of parking, including, where will overflow parking go? According to Mr. Freeman there are 118 parking spots in the front lot and 107 of those spots were handed out September 1st. With more students scheduled to register their cars, overflow parking will be in the back of the school near the football field.


A few days after parking spots were handed out we asked a few students what they thought. Ali Moody ended up getting parking spot number 17, which is in the middle of the senior lot. She said that she was very happy about her spot but was upset that some of her other senior friends are parked in the back of the lot. Madison Page got parking spot number 56, which is in the back of the lot near the football field. She said that she didn’t really care about what spot she got but was mad because in order for her to pull out of the lot after school she would have to back into her parking space. Keeleigh Cormany, senior, got parking spot number 25, which is in the middle section of the senior lot. Keeleigh drives a big truck so it is very hard for her to park and get around other cars. She said it was the only spot that she didn’t want and that in order for her to park in her spot she has to get there early before the other cars.


Bailee Cox, senior, picks out of the bucket for her parking spot as Logan Graham, senior, Mr.Freeman, and Mrs.McCraw look on.

In conclusion, most students are not happy with their spots except for some students who got close spots to the school. Mr.Freeman said that he knows there will be some complaining but eventually people will get used to it. He quoted, “People won’t be happy but if this is the biggest worry they have then they are in a pretty good place.”