Adri Newman

Friends Graduating? Ivy Can Help

Dear Ivy, my friends are graduating this year and I'm scared I won't have any friends next year. What should I do? Sincerely, Scared.


 As the end of the year is approaching and your seniors start to chat about graduation, it can be scary if you’re not going to be walking across the stage with them. As someone who had a lot of upperclassmen friends when I was a sophomore, I understand, and I’m here to help. It’s completely normal and okay to be sad. Going from seeing your friends every day at school and hanging out on the weekends to only on breaks is an adjustment that can be hard. Although it can be very upsetting, you just have to remember that they’re just moving out, not dying. Appreciate the last two months you have with them to see them everyday, and make sure they know how much your friendship means to you.


 Yes, this will be a major change for your social life, but you have to keep in mind that they are probably a lot more scared than you are for the end of the year, since it’s a big step into a world of unknown. Change is uncomfortable and they are changing a lot more than just their social life so try and not dwell too much. If you keep an open mind, there are some pretty cool people around you don’t even realize. If you are one to consider yourself more mature than your peers, it’s okay to continue to hangout with older kids. Don’t isolate yourself from your classmates and continue to engage with them during class or lunch. Who knows, maybe you will find a classmate that feels the same as you.


 Social media is such a big thing in today’s society, and connecting with people from other schools is as easy as you make it. Reach out to mutual friends and see if they would want to hangout or go to a rival football game with you. Most people love when someone reaches out to them, so don’t be embarrassed if messaging someone is usually out of your comfort zone. Start with a compliment then continue the conversation. Dating and finding new friends have lots of similarities because you don’t want to try and start a friendship with someone who’s your polar opposite. Your senior friends will have to reach out and make new friends, so why don’t you!    


Best wishes,


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