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Public outcry was swift against President Trump's first ban. The reaction to his new order has yet to be seen.

New Trump Immigration Ban Explained

  Monday morning President Donald Trump signed an executive order places a 90-day ban on citizens of six majority Muslim countries. The countries affected are Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Libya, and Yemen. All six of these countries were included on previous ban.

What is an Executive Order?

It allows the President to issue a directive that falls within their authority without bringing it to the congressional floor. It has been used many times throughout history, often because of time of Congress being unlikely to vote in favor.

How is this order different from President Trump’s first Ban?

To begin, this ban is set to be implemented on March 16, 10 days after it was announced. This is a change from the past executive order where President Trump said in a tweet, “If the ban were announced with a one week notice, the ‘bad’ would rush into our country during that week.”

Unlike the past order, Iraq is excluded from the list of banned countries.

Despite maintaining the 120-day ban on all refugees, Syrian refugees are no longer banned indefinitely. Also, refugees that have already been approved by the State Department may continue and are permitted to enter the US.

This ban will not affect Green Card holders (legal permanent citizens of the US).

Why is Iraq not included?

Iraq has pledged to increase government screenings and is willing to work with the United States government following their inclusion in the earlier ban.

What will the reaction be from the United States public?

Despite this order not needing to go through Congress, it is still susceptible to being challenged in court. In an effort to create a smoother transition, the ban will be enforced beginning on March 16. The previous ban experienced much public outcry and was eventually shot down in court. This ban is at risk of suffering the same fate, depending on the public’s reaction.

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