Susanna Marshall

Courtney works on her drawing

Courtney Graham

 Courtney Graham is an eleventh grader at Radford High School. Courtney has a knack for creativity in all areas. She draws, paints, and experiments with ceramics in art class. She also has a talent and interest in nails; she wants to pursue a career in cosmetology and practices with gel and nail art. “Her artwork is phenomenal; she’s very creative,” says special education teacher Mrs. Moody.  “You will most likely either find Courtney with a book in her hands, or creating artwork,” she goes on to explain.

 “I have been diagnosed with depression. My mom is constantly in and out of the hospital and it puts a lot of stress and responsibility into my life,” says Courtney. This also creates a gap in the relationship she has with her mother. “When I was younger I was really obedient. I always did what my parents told me to do and listened to them. Now my mom and I aren’t as close and my dad left a long time ago,” she explains.

 Courtney is a talented, young artist and expresses her creativity in a bold, bright red hair color. She is reserved and quiet, yet has a lot to say and many things to offer. She has experienced more life in her 16 years than others her age, and because of this she has matured quickly and turned to her artwork as a window of freedom from the heavy burdens of life.

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