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Students show off Healthy Relationships Week stickers designed by Alternative Adhesives

Healthy Relationships Week at RHS


 Radford High School has partnered up with the Women’s Resource Center for the event of “Healthy Relationships Week.” January 30th- February 3rd has been set aside to promote and recognize healthy relationships, as well as call to attention the signs and effects of unhealthy relationships. The Women’s Resource Center is a nonprofit human service agency with the purpose of providing programs and services to adult and child victims of domestic and sexual violence. The center has been providing help to citizens in the New River Valley for thirty years and has made a positive impact on the lives of many. Their services are numerous, some of which include a 24 hour hotline, counseling, and safe houses, to name a few. The YADAPP club is one of the main clubs within our school helping organize the event.

 Students should check out the lunch room which will be a hot spot for activities during the week. Donte Morrison from the Women’s Resource Center will be mingling with students throughout the week, getting them involved with games and other fun activities. Morrison has been with the WRC since August of 2015 and feels a connection with high schoolers. “I really enjoy working with the high schoolers. I try to get down on the student’s level being that the age gap isn’t very far. I can relate to them in many different ways. It’s interesting to just hear what they have to say. I can just remember all the things I went through during high school and how much stress and pressure I had to deal with. Some of the students go through far much worse than anything I’ve experienced. So it’s good to just listen and hear their side and give them tools and tips to help them as they continue growing and learning about themselves,” says Morrison. “My personal goals for the week are to get as many students involved with the activities during the lunch period, and in addition, I want them to have fun and enjoy learning about the different topics that can sometimes be difficult to talk about,” he adds. Morrison teaches a three day course called Peaceline to students ranging in age between 6th and 10th grade. The curriculum helps students to recognize what a healthy friendship/relationship looks like and how to establish healthy boundaries. It also promotes awareness for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault.

 There are five themes for HRW, and various clubs at RHS have been assigned a certain theme, in which they will create an informational and entertaining video to represent their theme. The assigned themes are as follows:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes- Honesty

Student Government- Independence

BeChange- Respect

SAGA- Equality

High Five Club- Communication

These themes, as well as many other ideas and topics have been pulled from the credited and effective site This website is a great resource with help and advice for learning about whether or not your relationships are healthy. The site offers online chatting, resources, quizzes, a texting chain, numerous blog posts and countless other resources. The website also has a program in which the user can take a designed quiz that helps assess their own personal relationship and rank it on the health scale. Not only is it important to be informed, but also provides round the clock help and systems that can apply to people finding themselves in all situations. If you need help, you’re unsure of your relationship, or simply you would just like more information on the topic- visit!

 Tyler Vance, Prevention Specialist in the New River Valley, makes many efforts in the way of helping others and has played a part in organizing and planning for the upcoming week. “As a Prevention Specialist, I do a lot of things. I coordinate and co-facilitate an After School Program at Narrows Elementary Middle School three days a week. I help teach evidence based curriculums in different localities that teach students about things like communication, listening, and decision making. This winter I will be teaching Too Good for Drugs with 5th graders at Belle Heth. I also coordinate the Radford Youth Adult Partnership, which is a community coalition made up of people from different professions; we all work together to promote a healthy community,” says Vance.

 Carly Porter, senior at Radford High school and coordinator from the YADAPP club, has organized many of the meetings alongside Mrs. Chitwood in order to make this week a success. “I hope this will be a fun, positive, and educational week for students in every grade level,” she says. “As humans, we all have some kind of relationship, be it with family, friends, or a significant other. I hope this week will be a reminder of the importance of maintaining healthy relationships within our lives,” she adds.

 Counselor at Radford High School, Pam Chitwood, has played a big role in the organization of this week as well. She has contacted many individuals and scheduled multiple meetings held after school in the library, and led by Carly Porter.

In addition to the collaboration with the WRC, Mrs. Chitwood has also arranged for club members to use their skills and create short video clips to be played at the beginning of each morning. A Friday Bobcat Pride will be featured at the conclusion of the week, courtesy of Mrs. Little and her video production students. Members of each club are responsible for creating a script and plot for their videos, and they will be relying on the video productions students to do the necessary filming and editing.

 Healthy Relationships Week has been under construction since before Christmas break and it is quickly approaching Radford High School. All students will be provided with the beneficial opportunity to learn about the importance of relationships and keeping them healthy, in the form of interactive activities, games, and information sessions. Thanks to Video Productions,  Mrs. Chitwood, Donte Morrison from the WRC, Tyler Vance, senior leader Carly Porter, and many others, this upcoming week will be nothing short of a success!

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