Maddi Schneider

DIY Christmas Arts and Crafts




What you will need:

Cereal Box

White Acrylic Paint (optional: helps cover box)

Red Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

Elmer’s Glue

Silver or Gold Glitter

STEP ONE: Paint the cereal box white until you can no longer see the writing on the box.

STEP TWO: Once the white on the box has dried, paint the box red.

STEP THREE: Once the box is painted completely red, trace a reindeer.

STEP FOUR: Trace the reindeer with glue and sprinkle glitter onto the glue.




Twine (Walmart: $4.49)

Small Ornaments (Dollar Tree: $1)

STEP ONE: Measure area you plan to place it on.

STEP TWO: Cut twine, whatever size you want.

STEP THREE: Take string through the ornament.

STEP FOUR: Tie the ornament to the twine

(Ornament should be hanging down about an inch from the twine.)

STEP FIVE: Hang up on your tree!



Santa Hat


White printer paper

Red marker

Cotton balls

Elmer’s glue

STEP ONE: Fold paper in half

STEP TWO: Take another sheet of printer paper and draw Santa hat

STEP THREE: Cut Santa hat out

STEP FOUR: Color Santa hat red

STEP FIVE: Glue it to the front of the card in the center

STEP SIX: Pull apart cotton balls into small pieces

STEP SEVEN: Glue small pieces of the cotton ball to the bottom of the Santa hat and to the left hand corner of the top of the hat

STEP EIGHT: Write message below (optional)



White printer paper

Glitter or Green and Red markers

Black marker

Elmer’s glue

STEP ONE: Fold paper in half

STEP TWO: If using glitter glue circles, if not draw

circles with red and green markers.

STEP THREE: Draw black line from top of the card to the circle (ornament.)

STEP FOUR: Write message below the ornaments (optional.)

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