Activists gather to protest the pipeline

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Activists gather to protest the pipeline

Controversial Dakota Access Pipeline Route Denied

Plan to reroute the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline is a victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

The Dakota Access Pipeline has been a hot topic for months; the issue reached its head a few weeks ago when confrontations between law enforcement and activists became violent.  On Sunday, after months of anticipation, the Army Corps of Engineers told the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Dave Archambault II, that the controversial route of the Dakota Access Pipelines is going to be denied.

On Wednesday information was leaked that a single, civilian leader, Secretary of the Army for Civil Works Jo- Ellen Darcy, made the decision to reject the controversial pipeline route, opposing the Army Corps of Engineers recommendations that it be granted. In a statement given to NBC News, Darcy spokesperson Moira Kelley said, “Ms. Darcy had the authority to make the decision on behalf of the Department of the Army, and she did so.”

The victory for the Standing Rock Tribe and activists came just in time; the Federal government gave activists a deadline of Monday to vacate their camp for fear of the low temperatures. The activists have grown in numbers since their start in April, hundreds of army veterans arrived mere days ago to brave the bitter temperatures and stand up for Americans.

The original plan outlined the 1,172 mile Pipeline running within half a mile of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation and crossing under the Missouri River. Opponents of the pipeline expressed a fear of drinking water being contaminated and sacred Sioux tribal sites being disturbed.

This announcement has come at a crucial time in American history; the divide between the country is great and difficult to overcome. By rerouting the Dakota Access Pipeline and working to find the best solution for all Americans, the country has taken an important step towards becoming united.

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