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Ivy Gives Her Two Cents On Money Troubles

Dear Ivy, I'm always broke and want money to do things with my friends, what can i do? Sincerely, Broke.

Dear Broke,
 Fortunately for you there are many options. A good starting place would be doing small things for people around your neighborhood. You’d be surprised how many people in your neighborhood would be willing to pay you to do odds and ends around the house and in a yard. If a neighbor needs their lawn mowed then offer to mow. If you know someone who has a lot of dogs, offer to take them on walks. If you’re comfortable enough then you can even offer to babysit. Babysitting is good money, and it’s also a good way to learn responsibility.
 At age 15, if you have a workers permit, you can get your first job in a grocery store, fast food place, or even some restaurants. Most of those places pay about 7.25 an hour, minimum wage, and can be decent money for a highschooler. If getting a workers permit is too difficult, don’t sweat it. If you wait until you’re 16, you won’t need one to apply!
 If you’re playing sports, helping around the house, or just super busy with school and just don’t have time to commit to a job, then you have one last option. Clean out your closet and find some clothes or things you don’t want anymore. Either have a small yard sale or go to Plato’s closet and try and sell your clothes there. Although that’s not a steady income, at least it’s a good starting point. I hope this helps.


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