Adri Newman

The Booming Business at Radford High School

There’s a booming business within Radford High School’s very halls, and we aren’t talking about the basketball t-shirts being sold at lunch. You may have seen a pink haired girl surrounded by students near the sophomore lockers, or a girl dressed in all black sporting a catalog with a giant smiley. Maybe you’ve seen the vibrantly colored stickers covering water bottles and chromebooks, or perhaps one of these sticker fairies even sold you one themselves. Alternative Adhesives is a small business started by junior, Adri Newman, and sophomore, Riley Bloomer, that creates unique pieces of art and puts them on stickers. The two have been collaborating on artistic projects since the 2015 Spring Musical, when they both designed the set of  Grease. Being both aspiring artists and entrepreneurs, they have formed a strong friendship over their stylistic similarities and decided to use their talents to collaborate and earn some extra money.

“We noticed a trend of stickers, patches, and pins, and we looked into making our own. First, the process was incredibly tedious and involved a lot of hands-on work, but now we figured out how to order them for a cheaper price and a prettier sticker,” Newman notes. These new stickers are only a little bit more expensive, but now the company offers a wider variety of sizes. Some students were previously dealing with the sticker’s lack of durability, so Alternative Adhesives upgraded. “Our stickers are water, weather, and fade proof now!” says Riley Bloomer, co-creator.

When we asked a student at Radford High School about the improved Adhesive, Hannah Brockway said: “My first sticker fell off because I tried to wash it. I loved it so much, but now that they’re waterproof, I won’t have to worry so much.”

The new stickers also come with fresh and improved designs, like a cute Avocado with unshaved legs or a spray bottle with the title “F-boy repellent.” The stickers are not only original designs and cute, buying them would mean supporting young, local artists, and who wouldn’t want to do that? Contact junior, Adri Newman or sophomore, Riley Bloomer if you want to check out some stickers. Follow the company’s Instagram, @alt_adh  


Seniors Garima Choubey and Sarah Kern pose with their stickers.
Elliot Van Noy
Seniors Garima Choubey and Sarah Kern pose with their stickers.

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