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Devastating Plane Crash Kills 71 People


Chapecoense Brazilian soccer club’s fairy-tale season of wins ended in tragedy amidst the mountains of Columbia. Late Monday night, a plane carrying 81 people, consisting of players, coaches, invited fans, and 20 journalists, crashed on the way to the soccer tournament, the Copa Sudamericana finals.

 At least 71 people were killed and six were injured. The survivors of the crash were three club soccer players, two members of the crew, and one journalist.

 Brazilian President Michel Temer declared there would be three days of national mourning for the small town of Chapeco. The Colombian club, Atlético Nacional, the opposing soccer team in the tournament, showed a great deal of compassion, asking the title of tournament winner to go to their fallen rivals.

 The cause of the crash is unknown, authorities have been scouring the wreckage looking for clues. The tragedy occurred about 18 miles from their destination of Medellin’s international airport. Bolivian officials have suggested that the plane was experiencing electrical problems, or that the poor weather conditions resulted in the flight’s outcome.

 Wreckage investigation from previous plane crashes suggest fuel starvation being a likely cause. Fuel Starvation occurs when fuel is cut off from the engines, resulting in a crash. It can be caused by crew error, icing of internal areas of the plane, or fuel leaks.  

 The “black box,” from the flight was recovered early Tuesday morning and authorities have been scouring the voice recordings. The plane’s journey will be recreated by investigators and every second from the doomed flight will be examined for possible causes of this horrific event.

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