Susanna Marshall

Sam (left) is all smiles with her surrounding class mates, as well as cheer mates, Maddi and Emily.

(Sam)antha Rutzinski

Samantha, aka “Sam,” is a senior at Radford High School. She is also an employee at the local McDonalds. Sam has an amusing sense of humor that draws many laughs and keeps a lighthearted tone as she goes about her day. She has been cheerleading for the Bobcats since she was in 8th grade, which has allowed her to form really close relationships with the girls on the cheer squad, although she’s “not going to miss it or be sad that it’s over,” she jokes to her surrounding cheer mates, Maddi Schneider and Emily Deal, seniors. When Samantha isn’t cheering, she enjoys watching the tv show “Friends,” a popular 90’s sitcom that is now featured on Netflix. “If I could be one of the characters, I would be Monica,” she says. “She’s such an organized neat freak. My room is kinda neat, but it could be better,” she says through laughter. Samantha has been an only child her entire life and she enjoys the attention that this allows. “I like being an only child because my parents spoil me. I get whatever I want. I got a phone, tv, car- I mean it’s true,” she says, displaying her sense of humor, to the entertainment of Deal and Schneider.  

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