Anne Frank Pulls at Heartstrings of RHS Students

Anne Frank Pulls at Heartstrings of RHS Students

On Wednesday, October 12, eighty theater and ninth grade English students were waiting for the yellow school busses, to go to what, for some, would be their very first play. The play was The Diary of Anne Frank, the place was the Radford University campus.

Ms.Tina Tapp, English teacher, had arranged for her 9th grade classes and Mr.Chris Cook’s theater classes to get an opportunity to experience theater first hand as well as learn more about the Holocaust.

The Diary of Anne Frank takes place during the Holocaust. The play reenacts what young Anne experienced while in hiding as well as how she felt during her captivity.

Tapp explained what made her want to take her 9th grade students to see this play was that “it is very important for students to get out of the classroom and have experiences beyond the textbook.” Tapp has prioritized finding opportunities for students to experience live theater since the beginning of her career, often finding ways to bring students to RU and The Blackfriar’s theater in Staunton to get this experience.

When asked how the play made him feel, ninth grade student, Shawn Bias,  said, “Watching the play made me realize how much Anne Frank really suffered, and I suffered with her while watching.”  Many of the students were in tears at the end of the play.  It was obvious that the students were moved by the story and the acting.

Although it would be much easier to watch the movie or simply read the play at school, going somewhere and seeing a live play made a huge impact on the students.  Lia Bell, eighth grade student, mentioned that she had never seen a play before.  Hopefully this will be the first of many for her.

For many students, the best part was when they went to the Bonnie Student center, where they enjoyed a meal of their choice- most students stood in the very long line to get their Chik Fil A in the middle of a school day. Hanging out on campus made many students remark that college looked fun, if it was anything like they were experiencing that day.


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