Fall Into 90s' Trends This Autumn

Maddi Schneider

Fall Into 90s’ Trends This Autumn

Fall 2016 Revisits the Best of 90's Fashion

  As the autumn leaves change their palette, so too does the fashion industry. The bright clothes that were trending in summer, begin to fall from our wardrobes like leaves to be replaced by dark colors and warmer clothes. When it comes to revamping your wardrobe with the clothes necessary for the coming season, it can be quite the task as you may have no idea where to begin. Below are some trending clothing pieces that may help you find your own style this season.

  1. Statement Chokers
  • According to Elle Magazine, these once popular 90s necklaces made of thin ribbon have made a debut in the fashion world once again. These necklaces add a whole new look as they come in all sizes, patterns, and fabrics, that are sure to spice up anyone’s outfit.
  1. Velvet
  • The soft material that we all enjoy running our fingers over when we catch it on the sale rack has become a huge trend this fall. This simple but stylish material makes for cute dresses during any event. It can take any typical piece of clothing and give it whole other dimension that catches the eye.
  1.  Trench Coats
  • According to Glamour Magazine, stars such as Julianne Hough and Taylor Swift have been rocking these elegant and timeless coats this fall season. This long coat is perfect for those who love to look cute, but prefer to keep it simple. It is the perfect piece to finalize your outfit when running out the door to run a few errands.  
  1. Open Toed Booties
  • We have all seen or even own a pair of booties. The boots that typically go to about your ankle that spice up any casual or even dressy outfit, now take a whole new turn by being open at the toe. This look allows your feet to breath while also sticking to the popular style of the typical booties.

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