Maybe She’s Born With it, Maybe She’s in Colorguard

A Guide to Getting Guard Level Glamour.

Fall is here and that means it’s competition season for the Radford High School marching band.  Band members are anxiously waiting their turn to show other competitors how much work they have put into their show. While the musicians are tuning their instruments, color guard members are doing their hair, putting on their uniforms, and perfecting their makeup. Competitions last all day, so it’s crucial that your makeup stays on the whole time. Fans have wondered how to achieve the “ RHS color guard look.” Here is a simplistic version of how to achieve the coveted look.


Step 1. Put on Face Makeup:

Put on some moisturizer and foundation that matches your skin tone. Then, apply concealer and matte powder. This step is optional based on your skin care preferences.

Step 2. Prime Your Eyes:

Grab some eye shadow primer and dab it onto your eyelids. Primer is very important in making your eye shadow stay on for the whole day and throughout the competition. It eliminates creases and creates an even foundation for your eyes.

Step 3. Silver Eye shadow:

Take any silver eye shadow and apply a considerable amount to your eyelids. Make sure the eye shadow you use is very pigmented, this means that the eye shadow is very bright and the colors will prominently appear on your skin.

Step 4. Put on Black Eye shadow:

Apply black eye shadow on the crease of your eyes and BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. The look needs to be dramatic but not frightening.

Step 5. Highlight Your Eyes:

Apply white eye shadow on your tear ducts and underneath your eyebrows to highlight your eyes. Also, put a small amount on the center of your eyelids to brighten them up.

Step 6: Eyeliner and Mascara:

Either using a pencil, liquid liner, or gel liner, draw a thin black line  along your lashes and wing it out a small amount. Then, curl your eyelashes at the base and apply multiple coats of mascara.

Step 7: Lipstick:

Apply  a wine or maroon colored lipstick. You can line your lips beforehand if you would like. It would be best to use a lip stain so that it stays on all day long. Contrary to a lipstick, a lip stain is more pigmented and lasts longer.

Step 8: Hairstyle:

Put your hair up so it is half up and half down. Next, you can either curl or straighten your hair, then spray hairspray over the half up/half down section to secure it in place.  

The color guard has spent numerous hours perfecting their routine. They practice four to five times a week with competitions on Saturdays. It’s not all about makeup though; it is about blood, sweat, and tears. The musicians play a very different role than the color guard, but they are united and work together to be the best they can be. The girls in the RHS colorguard consider each other family, and wouldn’t change that for anything.


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