Photo provided by Mrs. Andrews

Spanish Four Invades St. Augustine

The best teachers are the ones that can make their subject come alive, connect it to the outside world and make it bigger than their classroom. Mrs. Carol Andrews, Spanish teacher, did this for her students both literally and figuratively by taking them on a once in a lifetime trip to St. Augustine, Florida over the summer. The St. Augustine trip was also chaperoned by Mr. Calvin Andrews, Mrs. Andrew’s husband,  and Mrs.  Jennifer Davie, Spanish teacher.  Andrews and her Spanish IV students were so appreciative of all the help from these chaperones.  “We couldn’t have done it without them,” stated Mrs. Andrews.  They were a blast to have on the trip.

Ten students were lucky enough to experience this trip and got to learn about the noble origins of Spanish/American culture in the place where it was born. In this historic city in northeastern Florida, Mrs. Andrews’ Spanish IV class went on countless adventures from a peacock farm to the old town jail. An entirely immersive experience, the students spoke only in Spanish for the duration of the four-day trip. When interviewed about what motivated her to plan the trip Andrews said, “ The students and their love of Spanish and [Spanish] culture… They learned so much [on the trip]… They also bonded as a group and enjoyed being around each other.” Spanish four student and Senior, Bayley Holbrook, agreed, “We were like a family… We didn’t want it to end.” Other excursions the group enjoyed include exploring Main Street and Old Town, St. Augustine, visiting a Spanish fortress, and visiting the colonial quarter. The students and chaperones also reveled in authentic Spanish American meals and whimsical trolley rides. However, Mrs. Andrews wouldn’t do this for just any class, when asked about taking more students to St. Augustine next year she replied, “Maybe- it depends on the situation. I didn’t have to worry about any of them. They all got along great and were very kind and respectful to each other and the adults.”  The students in Mrs. Andrew’s Spanish IV class will always cherish this memorable experience.

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