Adri Newman

New Classes Offer New Opportunties

An inside look at the new courses being offered at RHS

For a very long time, Radford High School has had the same core classes and electives. Up until this year, little has changed. After a long wait, the school board felt the students needed something new in the school, and they added a variety of new courses to choose from. Six new courses are being offered, beginning a new chapter in Radford High School.

In the past, there have been a limited number of science classes available for students to take. This year, two options have been added to the list of sciences. Advanced Placement Biology, taught by Jeff Brown, is a college level course that takes an in depth look into the functions of cells, evolution, and the inner workings of the human body. AP Bio analyzes data and constructs labs, which allows the students to think about problems and form hypotheses based on given data. The students have already participated in interesting labs, such as researching the environmental preference of the common Pillbug, as well as how frequently different M&M colors appear. Another new class in the science department is Earth Science II, taught by Major Shannon Wohlford. As a follow up to Earth Science, students learned about the details of the earth, and were given in depth explanations for topics discussed in freshman Earth Science.

In addition to the new science courses, Radford High School has also added a new class in the mathematics department. For years, Calculus has been the highest math level offered, with no other options available after. Now, students are given the opportunity to take Advanced Placement Statistics. This class, taught by Amber Bebout, is beneficial to the many students who took Calculus their junior year. Previously, these students would have hit a roadblock and been unable to continue their math progressions during senior year. It became apparent that this new class was necessary.

Another new elective this year is Robotics. In this class, students will learn the how-tos of engineering robots. They will have the opportunity to build and program a robot which can be entered  into a contest. In these contests, robots will be put to the test, fighting other robots in the hopes of proving their status as supreme.  This course allows students to have hands on experience, gaining knowledge while doing what they enjoy.

When students found out that three years of foreign language was required for an advanced diploma, spanish class was the only foreign language available. With the new addition of French II, students can now reach an advanced diploma in a multitude of ways, taking two years of French and two years of Spanish instead of the traditional three years of Spanish.

A culinary class was supposed to be created last year it was almost established they had a set teacher to teach it, but the teacher that was going to teach that class dipped out last second for an unknown reason hence the reason that it was not taught last year. This year culinary was established and students taking the class are learning many different skills that will help them be better cooks in the future.

The new courses offered at Radford High School opens many new doors for students in their journey to Graduation.

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