Maddi Schneider

Grip it and Rip it

The Radford High School Golf Team swings into the 2016 season with old and new players. The team is working towards state and beating their rival, Auburn. New team, new objectives, and refreshed enthusiasm; the team is bringing something different to the greens.

Consisting of fifteen students, the team has four freshman, two sophomores, five juniors, and four seniors. Starting practice in the sticky mid-summer the students have been perfecting their swing to insure Radford High School’s spot at state. August 8 was the first match of the new season, and September 29 will be the last.

Coach Cody Roberts pushes his team not only at matches, but on the course during practice. The team practices four to five days a week, playing nine holes, going to the driving range, and doing repetitions. “The team has been putting pretty well,” says Roberts. “And they stay out of trouble – on the golf course,” he adds with a chuckle.

A main goal for Roberts is taking the team to state. “It will require us beating Auburn for the first time this season, but we’ve come [really] close and we’re creeping up on them.”

When asked what his main goal is, Coleman Ashworth, senior, says the same, “It would be nice to be one of the top three in conference, and just to beat Auburn. That’s a big one.”

Players have to continually keep their minds on the prize. “At matches you can just feel the tension in the air, but we have lots of fun and [the team are] all good people. We enjoy our time together,” says freshman, Jonathan Woods. Matches start anywhere from 8:00am to 4:00pm and can last four to six hours. “I hit balls on the range to calm myself down before a match,” Woods says.

The golf team is constantly working towards success. From practicing hours on end to supporting each other on an off day. The Radford High School Golf Team is a force to be reckoned with when the players have determined minds such as these students.

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