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  • September 26Come support the Bobcat Football team this Friday here at RHS as they take on Carroll County

  • September 18Varstiy Volleyball moves to 13-6 on the season

Taking on Freshman Year: Abby Barnes

October 26, 2017No Comments

Who is Abby Barnes? Abby is a freshman here at RHS and is on the Cross Country team and the Forensics team. As a freshman Abby is new to RHS and how the school works. She e...

Who is Harrison Bush?

Who is Harrison Bush?

October 25, 2017

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    My School 8 - Gretna 15


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Devin Cranwell

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Trinity Adams

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In order to truly understand yourself you have to ask yourself many questions.One of those questions being, “Who am I?” My name is Trinity Adams and I am a writer for the RHS Acorn. I’m a freshman...

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